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Skin, Hair, And Nails Treatment
Dr. Michele Burgess, MD - Chicago

Conditions that affect the skin, hair, and nails have a variety of causes, from genetics to environmental factors. Dr. Burgess specializes in locating the source of these conditions and developing a treatment plan that responds to the specific cause of each condition.

Common Questions about Skin, Hair, And Nails Treatment

Which skin conditions do you treat?

I treat common skin conditions such as eczema, allergic reactions, psoriasis, and sun reactions, but I also have experience treating the majority of known skin conditions.

Which hair conditions do you treat?

I specialize in treating hair loss, commonly known as alopecia. Alopecia can be caused by many different factors and it can take different forms. Treatments vary depending on the type of alopecia a patient has, ranging from oral medications, topical medications, and sometimes injections.

If patients have or suspect they have alopecia, we’ll work with them to determine the type, performing an in-office exam or doing blood work or even a biopsy, if necessary. Treatments can range from one to six months, depending on the type of alopecia we’re dealing with and the severity of the condition. In almost all cases, we can partially recover hair, and in some cases we can recover it completely.

Which nail conditions do you treat?

I treat brittle nails, pigment streaks, discoloration, and nail fungus, as well as splitting or “ridging,” which is common in older patients. If necessary, we’ll take a culture or do lab studies to investigate the source of a condition, confirming if it is environmental or originating from an internal source. Depending on the cause of the patient’s condition, treatments may vary from suppliments, topical medications, or oral medications.

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